Epocu is an easy and free way to hype upcoming games & test new game concepts.

Here's how it works

It starts with the developer

The developer has an idea for a game; it might be upcoming, a concept or in early stages of development. The developer shares the concept on Epocu, setting up a goal for supporters wanted within a specific time frame, to see if there's enough interest in the game.

Proof of concept by gamers

The gamers then have the opportunity to comment on the game and if they like it, they can support the game, and the goal, with their social reach through social media. By supporting developers with social reach, the supporters will be entered in competitions to have a chance to win gaming equipment etc.

Keep making updates to see reactions

Developers can make continuous updates on their development progress. Gathering better feedback and reactions from gamers and supporters whilst making the game development process more transparent and collaborative.

When the goal is reached...

When the goal is reached within the chosen time limit Epocu will release a message, on a date specified by the developer, on all of the supporters chosen social media, to help further stimulate the deserved attention towards the game.

support-team@ epocu.com