Celestial Tear: Demon’s Revenge

Celestial Tear: Demon's Revenge 

Who side are you on the Demons are the Humans everything is not as easy as black in white in this ever expanding universe.


Celestial Tear: Demon's Revenge was developed with the idea of making a JRPG that was unique but also built on the same premise which made those titles in the early 90's so great. Inspired by the likes of Final Fantasy, Chrono Trigger, Suikoden 2, and also the exploration and puzzle solving of Wild Arms 2nd Ignition, Demon’s Revenge accepts the challenge to be hailed as one of the greats.


On Hasphal, humans rule the world. Jehts, a race dissimilar to humanity, are forced to the harsh regions of the world as decreed by the human Gods the Gaddock. You play in a world lost in time. Traditions have started to dissolve and places thought to be sacred are being explored and excavated. Relics of a great ancestor begin to surface and religions and a way of life is challenged. New technology has surfaced and the age of the Gaddocks begin to fade as the Jehts are ready to claim the world as their own.

You play as a diverse cast of 12 people from all different types of backgrounds. Traverse across the vast planet of Hasphal and delve deep into the core of the world's history, making discoveries that can change how people view the universe. Battle colossal and creative creatures in a battle system using your environment to your advantage. Upgrade your weapon by inserting enhancements and enchantments into their slots. No skill is useless as they level up with use and skill points.


We want exploration to feel exciting, we want you to be surprised when you stumble upon something cool, when you take the less beaten path. The things you come across will tell more about the lore of the world and help you get a better understanding of some things on your journey.


The combat system is a conditional turn based battle system (CTB). The CTB is a turn-based system which does not operate in rounds, instead it uses an action list, which can be effected through various means throughout the battle, similar to Final Fantasy 10.

The main goal of our battle system is to make it fun and strategic, so we added the element of special abilities and environmental interactions. Depending on a character’s skills and abilities, this could mean a variety of things. You could cut down trees or knock down pillars and use them against your enemies before they can use it against you.



  • An intriguing storyline filled with themes of discovery, morals, and the common good vs evil tearing into those shades of gray

  • Fun and enticing gameplay with 12 different characters to join your party + two secret characters

  • A dynamic day and night system that effects gameplay including advanced NPC AI

  • An action packed, strategic battle system

  • Unique crafting systems and minigames

The team

My Wife and I are the main developers for Demon's Revenge. We also work with artist animators and musicians on contract work to get some of things done that we can not do ourselves. We are all located on different parts of the world. Everyone we work with are professional and efficient at what they do.


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  • August 25, 20142:40 am

    We did it ! Thanks to everyone that is supporting us. It really means a lot to me that we have garnered this much support for our little indie game. I can not thank all of you enough. More news to come soon, as we are working on more content for a new trailer.

  • August 23, 201410:26 pm

    2 more supporters to go! Thank you everyone for supporting our project on this platform and letting us know that we have something full of potential.

  • August 15, 20149:27 pm

    Thanks to everyone who is currently supporting our project. We really appreciate every bit of it. With 13 days left I am confident we can get 20 more supporters.

  • July 31, 20147:09 pm

    Hello Everyone!

    First off thanks so much for the support 18 supporters and we have plenty of time left.

    We just did a rather huge update on the current demo so if you downloaded it previously you will have to delete your save or it will cause an error. There is now a survey at the end of the demo. If you have already played and wish to take the survey now, please do so. Your feedback will help us make a much better game. Also, if for some reason, you did not get to the end of the demo, here is the link. http://demonsrevenge.com/demons-revenge-feedback-survey/


    Change Log: 1.04 –

    -Fixed a bug in the infobook. I broke it in the last update. Images for items should now NOT produce an error

    - Revamped enhancement system allowing more variety in enhancements stats, adding a tier system for each enhancement picked up.

    - Revamped status screen, now shows a small description and uses the updated stats window.

    - Changed game’s font.

    - Various small bug fixes.

    - Fixed text cutoffs in the menu (Equipment menu)

    - Totally redid the scan window.

    - Updated the victory music.

    - Blocked tent that causes the save file bug (Thanks to Shayoko from RPGMaker.net for discovering the exact cause, sorry I don’t know how to fix it…. Yet :().

    - Breathing forever underwater is not possible anymore.

    - Make infobook buttons easier to figure out.

    - Shop Menu done! (Can’t see it in demo yet though).

    - Crafting system is done! (Can’t see it in demo yet though).

    - Added easier way to read new entries.

    - Fixed some jumping errors where you could jump off cliffs.

    - Fixed evasion poses for Jagen and Maggie.

    - Added in a few enemy sounds.

    - Armehd now attacks in a line.

    - Fixed scene by investigation site if you came through the alternate direction first.

    - Added critical hits (Yay now you can do critical damage! (but so can the enemies)).

    - Added character to infobook.

    - Made it brighter later at night because it was still too dark.

    - Removed enhancements from party member when they leave.

    - Added Help Menu at the press of a button.

    - Added target arrows so you can see which enemy you are targeting on the order line.

    - Fixed box bug where if you had autodash on it and picked up a box, the box would chase you. – Fixed known freezes in battle.

    - Fixed some tile errors.

    - Fixed problem where casting animations would not show properly.

    - Fixed problem with full screen permissions (Had to replace it because it didn’t work encrypted)

    We have moved forward with everything we are working on what will be the final leg of the demo because if it is any longer most people will probably not play it to its completion. So you will have the option to either play as Sen or Jagen for two smaller campaigns. We plan to give more info on that later on today in our first video log whenever my daughter goes to sleep lol.

    Right now am I currently working on one of the more elaborate cut scenes. It involves one of the main antagonist and happens shortly at the end of Jagens demo campaign when we next release it. Here is an example.

    We are also working on doing some of the code for the battle system. Yin is implementing the timed hits and seeing how we could bring that to a more completed state. Yin has done a bunch of the code work for many things since the end of our last campaign. She has completed the crafting system which involves creating new and unique items so some combination of items could have different effects. We will go over more of this in our vlog.

    Yin has also completed the shop. She took inspiration from the Tales of Vesperia series in which you can select all the items you would like to buy and check out all at once.

    We also plan on relaunching our crowd funding campaign for the final time at the end of August or the beginning of September. In honor of such an occasion we are going to start a design contest for a boss enemy in the game. We will have details on that soon.

    Thank for reading this update and we shall have our vlog up soon.


    -Tyrell & Whitney White

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